Want the most reliable technology? Our systems are extremely durable, weatherproof, and solar powered with a battery backup system. Want the ultimate in flexibility? We’ll custom-design a high-end solution, made up of small, powerful, self-contained units which can be discreetly mounted and easily moved to adapt to changing conditions as your project progresses.

  • Remote control and monitoring via 3G/4G networks
  • Failsafe solar-powered cameras
  • Ultra high resolution imagery
  • Secure online image gallery
  • Durable weatherproof housings

The blackbox.

The custom Blackbox camera system has been developed over years of rigourous on-field testing.
These units can be used in multiples on a single project for greater site coverage to deliver a more dynamic result. With one simple login, you can monitor every camera on your site and see the images captured throughout your project. User friendly, extremely powerful, extremely simple.

Back-to-base monitoring.

Every one of our smart cameras contains a brain which gives us complete control over camera settings, data storage and the camera interval, and which communicates back to our servers.

This allows our team to remotely log in and control camera settings at any time, and see exactly what each camera is viewing at any point.

They routinely check and maintain your system to ensure the voltage, data storage, cellular signal, temperature and exposure are all correct and operational. And if there is ever any issue, our team members are automatically notified 24 hours a day.

Roving time lapse.

Blackbox lead the field in the use of roving camera technology, which allows us to capture dynamic angles and hugely impressive and wide-ranging sequences. Roving cameras – which can be mounted to vehicles, cranes, or other machinery as they move around your site – allow you to follow every step of a project in more detail. When they see the compelling fluid motion captured by roving cameras on screen, even the most critical audiences are impressed.

We also mount compact, ultra high definition cameras on structures or dedicated mounting posts to capture dynamic sequences, incorporating sliders and panning equipment for enhanced production values. And we can deploy drones operated by CASA certified pilots, to deliver truly unique aerial perspectives.

  • After our initial contact you supplied a system @ such short notice & your continued back up service has been immeasurable to preserve the history of the site. Looking forward to have you on board for stage 2.

    Director Olympic Business Park
  • Thanks again to you, Ashley and your team for producing an incredibly amazing clip. We love it.

    Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • Just wanted to say a big thank you for sorting out the time lapse SO quickly!

    BMD Construction
  • Thank you so much, it looks absolutely amazing!

    Department of Transport and Main Roads

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