Airport Link Box Push

The largest Jacked Box operation in Australia was designed and constructed by Thiess John Holland, is  was a massive $4.8 billion infrastructure investment linking Brisbane CBD to the airports East West Arterial connection road. At 6.7 km long the Airport Link is Australia’s longest road tunnel.

Two massive concrete boxes weighing almost 20,000 tonnes in total and measuring 65 metres long, 12.5 metres high and with a combined span of approximately 38 metres were successfully pushed under Queensland’s busiest railway.

The completion of the jacked box under the North Coast Railway Line was the largest of its type in the world to be undertaken. A team of 225 people worked around the clock for 36 days to successfully complete the operation. As one of the most complex engineering aspects of the project’s construction, the jacking of the giant boxes was a significant achievement for the Toombul team.