Security Simplified.

Designed with the latest in security AI and on-the-edge analytical detection, we
 help secure construction sites from unwanted intruders and protect valuable plant and equipment.

We help our clients to secure their site and protect valuable plant and equipment with our market leading 4k AI Security Systems.

Ai For Superior Detection

Using the latest in Artificial intelligence to detect humans and vehicles on-site, our perimeter detection, loitering and detection zones help dramatically reduces false alarms and ensures your site is safe and secure.

UHD 4k Image Quality

Market-leading UHD 4K video recording and adaptive streaming technology give you the clearest view of your site.

Integrated Alarm and Siren

It's one thing to capture the intruder on site but it's better to deter them from being there in the first place. Our Integrated alarm and strobe actively scare unwanted intruders off-site before they cause damage.

Rapid Deployable

Need site coverage yesterday, our systems are rapidly deployable and can be setup on site quickly and easily.

Fully Autonomous

With solar power and 7-day battery redundancy, our fully autonomous systems are rapidly deployable to suit any environment.

Your Active On-Site Deterrent!

Audible alarm and flashing lights to actively deter intruders.
Ai to detect human and vehicles
Reduce false alarms by up to 95%

Back To The Base Monitoring

Tailored Response to Suit Your Project

All projects are different, so we adapt our service to meet your site specific needs.

Australia Wide Network

We provide access to our national network of security professionals and suppliers, so no matter where your project is we can help.

24/7 Back to Base Monitoring

We can monitor your project 24/7 so you have the peace of mind that your site is safe and secure, even when you’re asleep.

Security At Glance

Australia Wide Coverage

Australia Wide Coverage

Secured over 300+ sites

Secured over 300+ sites

Protected Over $300,000,000 in Plant and equipment

Protected Over $300,000,000 in Plant and equipment

Stopped over 400 Active intruders

Stopped over 400 Active intruders

Welcome to Blackbox Live

Welcome to Blackbox Live

More tools at your fingertips

With one simple login, you can monitor every camera on your site and see the images captured throughout your project. User friendly, extremely powerful, extremely simple.

Live VIew

With our adaptive streaming technology, you will be able to stream real-time into your site from your desktop or mobile device.

Rapid Review

Who has time to scrub through footage? Simply compress days into seconds with our rapid review tool to quickly find what you are looking for.

Zone Filtering

Only want to see the activity in a section of the scene, like people coming through a gate? Simply select the area and Blackbox Live will filter all motion or activity detected to easily find your event.

Command Center

Monitor all your sites and cameras in one location. Security Simplified!

Mobile apps to keep you informed on the go

Available free on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Let there be light

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LED Smart Solar Lighting

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Rapidly Deployable

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Built for Australian Conditions

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